I Did Did I DiD I DiD aka Poem

61813 11 pm

I did, did I

I sleep I cramp my sheets are damp

I wake I rise pain’s no surprise

I sit I strain I clog the drain

I eat I choke I’m totally broke

I cry, I dry All storms go by

I walk I stumble She mumbles “don’t mumble”

What? I say too low to hear

I love you too, my dearest dear

I shake I freeze weak in the knees

I shop I chop I make some slop

I sit I strain is that caused by my brain?

I nap oh crap, I’m pissed again

I yell I smell it’s a living hell

I mope I cope grasp at hope

I’ve started I’ll finish and I won’t diminish


I did did I

There are no colors on my walls

That saves the light when darkness falls

And I drive by lights I cannot see

Hard to believe but two begets three

And when will I ever hold you again

I di

3 Replies



    Some days are good,

    Some days are bad, and

    Some days it rains

    with apologies to Bull Durham

  • Really enjoyed reading your poem thankyou!...

  • Thanks so much for another precious poem - a few words expressed so well.

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