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SPJ (Silky pajama post) RIP spotty's ..... LOVE, SEX AND INTERNET DATING

Hmmm now that got your attention..... or did it. Lets get it on with some real topics and stuff, after all this is what this blog is about!! To help and support one another I think its important that we open up a bit and try to be helpful and constructive about things that really affect us.

When PD hit, my life had a shock wave. A big one. When I dusted myself down I thought heck if this is it, then I need to get straightened out, no more time wasting, filling my life with noise, no more tolerating rubbish, I have to and still do be selective, make choices, design my life. It was no easy task and many things changed, well everything...

I found myself, by design and also sheer bad luck a 40 something living with my Dad, no job, no money, no car, no house, no partner and ill. Wooooo wooo ! I'm just going to type about the no partner bit. It was my choice to end a marriage of 21 years, a huge decision, very heart wrenching but I had to. To then find myself single was daunting and it took me a while to think about what next. When I did I decided to dip a toe into internet dating, it seemed safer, was cheaper! I could go at my own pace, be selective, etc etc. still it took some courage. I was candid I explained everything..... but I was me, positive. I asked for people not to hit on me if they thought they couldn't handle someone with x x x x side effects, x x x physical condition and an unknown future. I said don't hit on me out of curiosity, pity or because you think I am vulnerable. But equally I was good at saying all the best things about me. I didn't know this but was told that the site had a top 10 most popular women list and after 2 weeks I was number 11. I was inundated with good will messages and inundated with dates. Actually I got overwhelmed, and was about to cancel when I saw him, and he saw me. That is my now husband, of 7 weeks and man of 3.5 years. He has taken on a lot, but he gets a lot too. He knows it won't be easy, but we make it as easy as we can. He loves me. He is a rock, and allows me to fly. It is a perfect pairing. Oh the sex bit is another post but I will do one, its important. Don't stay single if you feel incomplete. Give it a go, the most important thing is to write a good profile, that sorts the wood from the trees. If you need any help, its right here. Oh and if you want to read about a real stars adventures with dating here's my dear friend Sophies blog

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great blog - if i didn't have my own special person - i would have the courage to go for it too i think




a good blog

i too foudn new love on an internet dating site,

b4 my diagnosis for PSP, and i often wonder why afte r4 years he is sitll with me

I have NOT been a positive person - low self esteem allmy life- and sitllll have probelms iwth it

but life can be good / bad or indifferent and despite not sleeping at last tgiht ( i got 1 half nhours in b4 the cat wanted his berakfast) it is another dayh and another chance o tmake somehting of i

i am off to a Psp/ cbd meeting in warrington todya and shall hopefullly meet some liek minded people

sorry 4 the dreadful typgin

lvoe jill and a :-)


Thanks for sharing your story, Henderson-Heywood....great blog.


Again, a great job. Thanks for sharing.


the whole thing scares the h,,,, out of me.

I'm now single at age 55. I got tired of his wandering after other women.

Are there really men who would sign on for our bumpy ride?

I'm very active and have a great new life in Hawaii but I really am a relationship person and miss the little and big things that are part of that.

The whole “getting to know you” process is so tedious. I wish there was a meter for identifying authenticity and integrity. An anti-b.s. detector . And rejection, ,geeez, am I up for that possibility?

Can I be resilient yet vulnerable enough to date?


yes there is a chance, I took it. No dress rehearsal this life of ours. Clocks tick. x



thanks for the encouragement


Thank you H-H, I'm proud of you. I met the passion of my life at 64 after being dx. we had 4 greatv years when he suddenly passed away from lymphoma. Looking back we were both sick a lot, but we had so much fun we didn't notice. Maybe I'll meet someone in my 70's. Not looking, but it happens!


Keep your heart open you just never know. The Today Show had a couple on that just married at 99 (he for the first time) and 86 respectively. Good for them! You just never know. :o)


I was married to the wrong person for 22 years. After our divorce I emjoyed three years of being single and the master of the televison remote control. THen this wonderful man walked into my life. I was not looking and there he was. I am so blessed with his love and laughter and sharing and caring. We never know what life has in store for us. That's part of the beauty of it.Live with laughter and be the best person you were made to be. Life surrounds us every day with opportunity and gifts. We just need to learn how to see again. PD has introudced me to a whole new "me". I do things I never thought I would do. I was in a rut I venture out more trying new acitivities, Sometimes what we think is a curse turns out to be a blessing. WHo knows, maybe I"m all wet. BUt I am glad I am finding out that I have other talents and interests. I don't like the pain of PD and the inconveniences, but there are no perfect situtations. GOod luck H-H.


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