Parkinson's Movement

"Hippie Chick"

This Hippie Chick,

a child of the 70's,

still believes in





Rock and Roll,


Rhythm and Blues!

I live every day

with vibrant colors

and surround myself

with good friends.

I have



and lots

of Love Man,

lots of Love.

I feel the Karma

of a troubled world

and try to

reflect back to it

not the


but the positive,

by sending

the Universe

my good vibrations.

If we all did that,

you know,

channeled our own

"Hippie Chick",

and then all


into the air

a positive,

loving vibe,

perhaps we could

change this world

"One Hippie Chick"

at a time.

12 Replies

Thought I'd blog something a little more positive this time. Hate to get a rep as a "Negative Nellie"!


I like it! I'm going to channel my inner "Hippie Chick" today. :) Thanks Jane


Nice one! :-)


I LOVE this !


AW! Thanks Guy! Be careful when your dealing with your inner "Hippie Chick" she may get you in trouble! :)


Don't get me started.

I am so, so happy to see you happy!!


Oh man! That was ... That was .... Uh ........ What was it again? (giggling)


great poem - i am a 60's chick - did all the stuff like groupieing and clubbing in london - it takes me back to the times


I was a beatnik wannabe and a granola mom--sat around singing folk songs and subjecting my kids to health foods and food coops. Peace and love, people.


I was a 60 s beatnik too...others used to call us weekend ravers as we were at school! Used to. Hitch hike to jazz club in london with our sleeping bags! Also went to clubs in liverpool with allen ginsberg..good old days!, then sitting around listening to bob dylan....folk clubs ..yes brought up my kids on no sugar diets..whole food..


Got a "hippie chick" to take care of me !! I too am a child of the sixties......u said it all! Rock n Roll gets me thru the day!! Peace .........


All I know is I had a Great time growing up, well, at least, I think I did! Recently I met my cousin and his wife, who I had not seen in many years and they told me about a party I took them to in the early 70's that they remember vividly to this day. Such a good time they had, what a great cousin I was to invite them along! I told them I was happy they enjoyed it because I don't remember any of it! I probably had a good time, I always did, I always will.:)


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