Difficult times

I'm not one to bleat on about my 'troubles'. However, I'm really struggling just now. I'm very lucky to still have both parents, my mum is 77, dad 81. My dad seems to have developed quite an aggressive form of dementia and it's breaking my heart. I, as a daughter should be looking after them, but my body is letting me down. This just isn't 'how it's supposed to be'. I know it's part of the life process, but throwing our friend parky into the equation can be so cruel at times. I'm sorry but had to vent somewhere. Aaahhh, feel better already thankyou.

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    LOL jilL


  • It is heartbreaking for sure. My parents died before I was diagnosed but I have a number of friends in your situation. Think all you can do is take it one day at a time and accept help when it is offered.

  • I hope things go well for you, life can be a real shit at times.

    I can imagine life must be a real struggle caring for a dementia patient is no mean feat.

    I wish you all the best.

  • They know you are there for them. My parents are much the same age ad yours.they both dont keep as well as they should but they dont give in. They are off to spain on wed. Lets hope one of them doesnt end up in hospital AGAIN. You need a chat im gere xxx

  • So sorry about your Dad.

  • The aggressive dementia is the most heartbreaking type. I am sorry.

  • No apology needed. This is the place to vent. Realize this, all you can do is all you can do. No guilt trips allowed. You do not need the stress. Know this, your FATHER has feelings too. I am sure he feels guilty that he can not care for you. I feel that you should enjoy each and every moment with your parents. YOU have a beautiful smile. I bet every time YOU smile at your father, he feels better.

  • Life really can deal you a bunch of bad deals. Thing is...you can remember the best of times laugh and enjoy the memories. If you allow it to happen it will carry you through the hard times. As landman wrote...you really do have a beautiful smile, and I'm sure you bring tons of sunshine to everyone around you. Hang in there and keep smiling.

  • I'm overwhelmed by all of your kind comments, thanks for being there xx

  • We just put my mom in an adult family home due to lewey body dementia. I have been staying with my 79 year old, post shoulder surgery, pre hip replacement Dad. Some days I wonder who is taking care of who. I've only seen mom twice in 6 weeks. I just can't find the energy. My heart and mind are with you.

    New to this.


  • Hi Alipre,

    Not an easy place to be for you just now , however we are all here to listen to and help in any way we can, my dad was the same as yours many years ago and its hard to cope with even if you dont have PD .

    All i can say is keep your spirits up and vent your frustrations on here as i have donee in the past , every one here is your friend and willing to help if we can

    take care


  • I am sorry things are so tough for you right now. Do not feel guilty. Your parents know that you love them and I imagine are just as worried about you as you are about them.My parents are about the same age- my father has Parkinsons and my mom has a heart condition. They are more concerned with the health and happiness of my sisters and me than anything they are going through.

    Know that whatever you CAN do to be there your parents is enough. Living the best you can and loving them is enough. Life throws us curve balls all the time. Just the fact that you are so concerned for your parents is a testament to the kind of loving daughter you are.

    Hug them often and tell them you love them.

    All the best to you!

  • Thank you, Karen, Al and Kat, you have no idea how much sharing this had helped. Al, it's been ages since we nattered on here, hope you are well.

    Again, thank you all so very much xxx

  • You are loved.

  • And You love. What more can you ask for. You are blessed with a motherland a dad. A d all of us parkies who understand. Bless you

  • Sorry you are going through this. I am positive your parents know how much you love them and that you are doing all you can for them. Hang in there. :-)

  • I hear and relate to your challenges. My Mother is in her mid 80's and she has several health challenges including Alzheimer's. Her husband, my step-dad is wearing himself out with having to care for her and dementia starting in. Me being the Parkie I am with 1 artificial knee, and a body layered in arthritis it makes it extremely hard to do what you must. For now my youngest son is staying at home and trying to complete college. He is just learning what we all face and what we try to denie. So struggle we must and the Mountains that we climb we will.

  • Please read my blog on coconut oil and look at Dr Mary Newport's work on dementia. You may find some benefits for yourself and your parents.

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