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Insomnia and Depression Getting You Down?


I was having problems with insomnia, with anxiety and depression. I was getting The Shakes every morning. In other words, I was a mess. My neurologist more or less told me that there was a pill for that and sent me to the neurobehavior clinic to speak with a specialist. The doctor observed my dramatics and wrote a prescription for Remeron [Mirtazapine]. I've been taking a half a pill a night for the past month and sleep like a baby. My dreams are epic in quality and I very seldom get The Shakes. Thus far the only problem I have had is with weight gain. My wife says that it is a small price to pay considering the vast improvements in the quality of my life [We'll see how she feels if I hit 200 lbs]. I know that every person has their own special situation and what works for one person might not work for someone else, but this medication was The Next Best Thing To a Cure for me. I still can't believe how well it works. I'm just saying.

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I stopped taking Mirtazapine as I put on so much weight! Tony


The weight gain becomes a whole new problem.

Joealt in reply to Hidden

I'd rather deal with weight gain than insanity.

There's a website that discusses all of the pros and cons of the different meds. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to have an honest review of the meds they are taking. When I looked up Mirtazapine I read all about the weight gain in the Comments Section, so I was prewarned and prepared for the worst [One of the people told of eating table spoons of sugar]. We should all pay attention to these warnings. All meds are dangerous from a lawyers point of view. But, my situation was getting out of hand. I was too depressed. I hated the way I was feeling because it was destroying my relationship with my wife and friends. The results I am getting from this medication outweigh the negatives. Keeping an eye on my weight will keep me focused on staying fit.

Barbie18 in reply to Joealt

hi i feel as i must do something soon as i am sooo depressed i feel as though i am goiing out of my mind i will certainly ask the doctor about this hopefully miracle cure god bless us all

Well Joealt

If it's working for you then when you hit the 200lbs tell your wife there is just more of you to love! Whenever somebody says they found a solution to improving their quality of life on this site I say KUDOS to you. Maybe now with less shaking you and your wife can stat taking long walks together to work off the weight part. Good luck and glad to hear you found success.


As these symptoms are very common amongst Parkinson's patients, has your neurologist considered this possibility? I am sure he knows more about it than any of us, but for 29 years I was being treated for insomnia, constipation, mood swings, constant chest infections, Depression and other symptoms I cannot remember. It was onlyt when I started to shuffle my feet, while walking that I was sent to a neurologist and he diagnosed Pd. All those years I was treating the wrong problem!


Joe... Have you ever had trials of antidepressants or anxiety drugs? Any successes? I've tried many with usual worsening of symptoms before I reached therapeutic dosages.

J, So happy for you. My symptoms are much like your's. I have other PD issues. Do you have other issues as well? I am getting weaker and weaker all the time. Pains in the xyphoid. Can't eat a full meal because of the pain (feel like my food is coming back up)

Toes turn under, legs tremor and shake. Dizzy and so much more ~~Dennis

Hi, Am I lucky or what, (63) I work in the garden, real hard, for at least 3 - 4 hours during the week, I iron, clean the house, etc etc. Some evenings I have severe back pain, but after a good nights sleep, it is gone. All I have is tremmors - I hav'nt fallen (4 y), but I must say I break a lot of things which seems just to slip out of my hands. Living in South Africa makes it difficult to go and walk, but I try to walk as much as possible. After a shoulder operation,whereafter I needed help to get dressed and undressed, my husband of 4 y decided that this is not for him and made my life so miserable that I just decided enough is enough. I have to cope with severe depression but therefore there is medication. I also try to stay positive and with the love and understanding of my children and family I am a survivor!

Janieg57 in reply to Anid

Hello Anid , It's nice to know that there are others out their fighting PD , I'm new to this site ,56 year old female, retired nurse , still trying to keep active and stay positive, but its an upward struggle !! try to enjoy life as much as i can , but symptoms getting slowly worse .Sorry to hear that your husband could not cope , it must be as bad for partners as it is for us , nobody can quite understand what we are going through on a daily basis . As you said you are a survivor . All the very best to you . kind regards janie

Hi Joealt , new to this site . Can i ask , do you take any other meds ? . I was diagnosed with PD 7 years ago , Im taking sinamet and Azalect , but these are now not so effective , increased insomnia, anxiety much worse and also depression , regards Janie

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