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A real quick one...

Faith: As my left and right brain experience a great back and forth game of mental volleyball, the best definition they seem to agree upon is this:

'Trusting in what you can't see, regardless of what you can see'.

Faith comes from a steadfast belief in what we feel, not in what we see. In many cases, we have no evidence to support what we feel, because the evidence we search for does not exist. Therefore proof is needless and in fact won't exist in a life built on faith.

Besides evidence, another word that plays a role in faith is reason. To operate on faith, one merely has to shut the eye of reason, limiting the effects of fear. Fear causes doubt, and doubt undermines the very foundation faith was built upon. Faith is bigger than fear!


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I quite agree. My faith keeps me going. It is always with me like PD. It is there when I wake, when I go to sleep. It is constant and as long as I have that it gives me the strength to face each day.


I appreciate what you have both written. My faith has turned my life around, more than once.

I actually feel I have gotten better because of my faith. I have no promise that PD will not begin to advance, but am enjoying the "recession" for the time being.

Don’t know how I would be where I am without the Lord.


faith is smething that comes from the heart there are no words that can describe faith


Here is a little poem I wrote

Life is a journey

With its ups and downs

We don't always appreciate

The journey we are on

And live life to the fullest

Always rushing around

Never taking the time

To embrace the beauty of it

Taking good health for granted

Until one day

You have PD

Fighting a battle

Each day

Trying to cope

But you cannot

Give up hope

Without faith

It can't be done

Faith is my strength

That keeps me pushing on.


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