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How do I ask for help?

Hello, there-

I have many friends throughout the world, and I cherish their support and love. I also have friends here at home, but in Oxford there are many that have their lives, and work, so I have 2 that come on occasion. My pre-PD life was busy. Now, because I’m a Parkie with narcolepsy, I need someone to go with me for shopping, hanging things on walls, planting bulbs for the Spring (it is unusually warm here-for now), and just getting out, but everyone seems to be too busy. If I could I would go out myself, but it is not in the cards. I like to be busy, but I know that I must listen to my body and the pain in order to prevent an event outside.

Can you recommend something I can do to get out, or get help? My County’s social care is nil due to Austerity Measures. I am fun to be around, and have worked through coming to terms. (Cor-I sound like a hound that needs walking!) Thanks!

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I don't have a solution. I am working on that for my husband.( he doesn't know it)

Like you he was so active until last year. I need someone to come by and take

him out to be with another guy and not feel he is imposing. I am on a search for

such a thing. I hope you get to have outings. Our social care is not looking promising since the new administration. Prescription for old folks like us.

Take a pill.

I watched BBC America ER. very interesting.

I have a friend in Manchester and I am aware of some situations.

I will keep you in my prayers if that is not against your beliefs and hope you

will be out and about soon.


Thank you. I am wondering how isolation could tear apart my progress. I will keep you both in my prayers, as I, too, was engaged to be married when I became a Parkie. I was told to ‘move on’, and I don’t want that to happen to you.


Have you tried your local PD support group? if you have one PUK will know? Have you also tried your PDSN again if you have one?? You could volunteer to help at a local charity shop, they have many 'vulnerable' staff and whenever I have been in the various shops the atmosphere is good. You could also see if you have a Community Radio Station... they may be able to 'reach out' for you. Failing that you could bolster up what you do indoors, things that give you confidence and make you feel better, achieving etc: Good luck C


Call the Oxford Branch

We offer information, friendship and support to local people with Parkinson's, their families and carers.

We also have a sub-group for younger people with Parkinson's. Find out about our Oxfordshire Young Onset Parkinson's Group.

We organise regular events and social activities. Join us - and meet other people affected by Parkinson's in your area.

Meeting venue

The North Hinksey Women's Institute Hall

North Hinksey Lane




First Wednesday of the month


Campbell Ferguson

Telephone: 01865 331704


Helen Old, Branch and Volunteer Support Officer

Telephone: 0844 225 3674



T’a, Jerebet! I live in Jericho, and know Westminster Drive well. Some people I know attend Brookes. Transport via Botley Road is good, but the walk is long, so I will call Campbell and find out about this Young Onset group. I’m amazed at the need for education of the medical staff. And I read earlier about how people didn’t realise that people under 60 develop PD and other Movement Disorders.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.-Gary


Seek and ye shall find! Right there in Oxford.

I was at an outdoor party one night last month (the solstice, to be precise). I had to walk through a weedy, rocky, uneven surface and I asked the man in front of me for help. He sort of snorted in derision and plodded ahead. "Please, I have a disabilty!" I insisted. The guy just ignored me.

The man behind me heard me though, and held out an arm to show me t hat he was ready to steady me if I needed it. I was able to negotiate the tricky surface, reassured by the helper (an absolute stranger). I thanked him and went on to enjoy the party.



once when I was able to be out and about my friend took me

grocery shopping. she is going to have to have back surgery it is

after many other ways of relief. We are both "little ole ladies"

She was bending way over to get a melon from the bottom of the

display. She looked like she might fall in A nice looking gentleman came to her rescue and took one up for her. I teased her about it.

There are so many gracious people and they make up for the ones who don't get it. Blessings on your nice stranger.


It is all about the real Britain, the one that remembers the whip-round and coming to your aid without asking. My grandparents and public school (Stowe) instilled that level of decency. Thank you for sharing!


PS If people are wanting to join my Facebook they are welcome. Just pass a note to me.


I am on face book - would be glad to be a friend.


Also-did anyone notice the article mentioned on BBC News that the brain actually begins to diminish in the 40’s, not the late 60’s as previous thought. Interesting stuff!


Hi, I organsise a group for people with Young Onset parkinson's in Cornwall and we have a Facebook group. It's closed because some people are struggling to remain employed and need to speak without feeling their employer will get hold of ammunition. You are welcome to join. We are Young People with Parkinson's in Cornwall. Not a snappy name but it does what it says on the tin.



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