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Has anyone had successful pain relief with CP from extended fasting periods?

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I am trying some fasting protocols now and would be interested to hear what others have experienced.

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Following this thread to see what folks say and to learn more about your experience with fasting.

Hi everyone - I found that after fasting for 5 days I started to get reduced pain from CP. This is ok but unsustainable. I am thinking it might help when having a break from pain killers and switching between the two. I shall keep you updated as the weeks unfold.

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Hi, I have been treated with fasting periods but only in hospital. I think it’s helped resting the pancreas a bit, but like you say, not sustainable in the long term.

I fast when I have a flare. However if I don’t eat for 3 days and exist on water, I become weak. Before Covid, I’d go to the hospital for iv fluids and pain management. Today, it’s a different story. Hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid patients. I don’t want to chance getting it.

I don't have daily pain from CP at this point (I feel very fortunate for that!), but I definitely fast when I have a flare-up. It's my main strategy to get the pain back under control and it works, but it is awful. How many days I go without food depends on my pain level, then I ease myself back into eating with no fat/extremely low fat foods and things that are easier to digest. With my worst flare-ups, I can go 3 days without eating anything then it takes about a week of gradually adding foods back in to get back to a "normal" (normal for me) diet.

Like Susaberry mentioned, I get weak too. And so so tired. Plus, super ornery lol.

When I'm fasting I drink copious amounts of water, an herbal tea that I've found is great for my stomach (David's Tea, le digestif), and Gatorade with a pinch of salt added to it. I had a doctor mention the Gatorade thing to me, and it seems to help, but I have to be careful because I'm also medicated for high blood pressure and the extra salt can make things wonky.

When I'm easing back into food, I've found Muscle Milk Pro (it's lactose free and low fat but packed with vitamins and protein) to be good for me. I know everyone's diet is different, but the foods that work well for me as I'm easing back in are white rice, Rice Chex with non-fat milk, baked potatoes with the skin on (no butter), non-fat Greek Yogurt, sauerkraut, kim chi, lentils and other beans. I avoid meat, raw vegetables, and fruit until I'm sure I've staved off the flare.