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Do I have any life left?

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I am 81 and have battled acute pancreatitis, removal of a "gall bladder full of rocks, the size of a submarine sandwich", then undiagnosed chronic pancreatitis and some kind of bile problem, for 49 years. I've begged and pleased for help and been refused. I'm home bound, can barely care for myself and finally have an EGD/EUS scheduled. If they do a decent job, I still don't think I'll live that long. Your opinion?

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I’m glad you’re having an EGD and EUS. These tests will tell you if you have Chronic Pancreatitis. Are you following an extremely low fat diet? You didn’t mention being diabetic. It’s good that your pancreas is still producing insulin. It’s vital to eliminate all red meat, pork, oils, and dairy containing fat. Some people can tolerate non fat dairy, others can’t. Fat is the enemy. I eat only boneless chicken breast. Do you have any family who can help?

I was called a type 2 and treated with pills for 15 or so years and 100 units insulin for 4 years, then a new family doc did a blood test and found I'm a type 1 with GAD antibody. Low blood sugar all that time, falls, broken bones, etc! I am now down to 26 Units! My pancreas does still produce some insulin. I do low fat and take enzymes and bile. My diet works fairly well, but getting just the right amount of pills is not easy. Not much family to help. A friend walks my dog and has pledged to take her when that's necessary! I started having kidney symptoms and changes in the kidney recently and feel I may even have metastasized pancreatic cancer to the kidney.

Have you had your vitamin b12 levels checked? I did two weeks ago. My doctor called me to say it was extremely low. I am taking b12 injections every week for 3 months. It will be checked again. It can take years for the body’s b12 levels to deplete. I’ve been feeling like I’m dying. After being diagnosed with b12 deficiency, I looked it up. I have every symptom, which explains why I am feeling so badly. I have had two injections. I haven’t felt any better yet. I expect to though. If you haven’t, please get it and your vitamin d checked.

No, but I've been taking B Complex for a while. I will look up the symptoms for B12 deficiency. Thanks!

I sent you a pm.

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My dad was 81 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He had acute pancreatitis in his 50s. They did a Whipple and he is still chugging away 3 years later. A dietician and PERT could go a long way to restoring your energy levels. There is a lot you can do with diet and medications that doctors don't really know about because patients don't want to be told what to eat and so on.

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