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The key to managing your health is knowing your symptoms.

- How do you manage your Pancreatitis symptoms?

- Which one of your management tools is most successful at relieving your symptoms?

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Thankfully, I don’t get many symptoms these days because my pancreas is done in, however I have a few issues...I end up on steroids fairly regularly with my asthma and that totally messes with my glucose levels. I’m on them just now and yesterday they were 27.6 and today 24 after food. Thankfully I take insulin, but even after taking insulin , after rechecking one hour later it was still 27 🤦‍♀️ I took 3 extra units, so 13 in total, but didn’t want to take more before bed in case of a hypo.

Anyone else have this problem with diabetes and meds etc?

Also the other problem is, if I ever need any pain killers stronger than anything prescribed basically, it triggers off my pancreatitis pain 😕 And in a hospital admission, morphine and pethidine make me sick 🤮. So I never know what to opt for! Any ideas ?

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KarenB12Ambassador in reply to madonbrew

I always have trouble with Steroids. it sends my Blood sugar way out of whack, and almost always end up taking more insulin than usual. There are quite a few other meds that will screw with my sugar as well.

Most of the time, in the hospital, they give me Dilaudid - which does not make me nearly as nauseous as other options.

I know there are some pain meds that will set off the pancreas pain worse than others. Unfortunately, most of the ones that do are opioids. (Which in my experience are the only ones that can temper the pain)

No real answers here, I'm afraid.


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madonbrewPioneer in reply to KarenB12

It’s a right pain isn’t glucose levels have been crazy this one day they went 24.7, down to 2.6 and back up to 29! Finished my course of pred now though so hopefully it will calm down again now!

Oh that’s interesting to know another possible option! I didn’t know of Dilaudid but it’s good to keep in mind in case!

Yes, the opioids can be both helpful and problematic!!! A bit like pred 🤦‍♀️

Hope you’re having a good week?!


Good Morning to you all.

I was admitted to hospital with acute pancreatitis some 3 weeks ago ,was in hospital for a few days .Responded well to treatment .Since arrival home have had 2 episodes that were excruciating,however strange as it sounds because I now know what’s happening I seemed to be able to manage slightly better .Obviously pain relief is hugely important,I have found without any doubt a hot water bottle has proven the most comforting (rather embarrassing to say this but without doubt the heat has helped significantly.) It is an absolute minefield what to do ,eat ,drink there seems so many conflicting opinions /advice .It’s very much a day at a time for me .Interestingly in A&E the first question how much alcohol do you consume ? How many cigarettes do you smoke .I am tea total and never smoked in my life ,vegetarian so it’s an enigma as I’m sure it is for many

I wish you all the very best ✨

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madonbrewPioneer in reply to Wispar

Hi Wispar,

I know what you mean about being asked regarding alcohol consumption! I was T total too and was asked over and over how much I drank!! Up until very recently, because my pancreas is basically a dead organ now , very rarely I have a little Baileys as I figured my pancreas is a dead organ anyhow. And like you , never smoked either!

I find diet’s definitely better to avoid fatty foods . They’re a trigger..well, not so much now...there’s a few advantages about having a totally done in pancreas! I don’t on the whole have pain anymore.

I think the hot water bottle and heat is a great idea to relieve pain though!

Sorry you’ve been poorly recently! Did they figure out what caused it for you? I really hope you continue to recover well!

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Wispar in reply to madonbrew

Hi there Madonbrew,

Sorry to hear your pancreas is no longer functioning, but good no more pain .

When they did ct scan couldn’t see anything but then after ultrasound picked up 2 minuscule “stones” in gall bladder hardly visible.I am on waiting list to see consultant but there is a huge back log due to COVID.I have had a couple of bad attacks since coming out of hospital,but pain relief makes it bearable .there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this other than I’m getting older 😊I have totally kept to low fat diet and cut out all dairy ,I’m vegetarian anyway so never eat red meats .I’ve upgraded to a heat pad which is such a huge comfort.

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the sunshine apology for delay for some reason I haven’t been able to respond.

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