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3 Peaks Challenge

Derek's Grandaughter, Rosie, is having her first attempt at writting a blog. She (plus her brother Eddie and I) are in training for the 3 Peaks Challenge in memory of Grandad Derek. I warned her that going public meant she was open to ridicule if she backed out but she insisted. So please encourage her by following her blogging efforts and her record of her training achievements

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Best of luck to you all in your training. It is wonderful that you are remembering a loved one this way


A fantastic way to remember Grandad - the blog is very amusing and we look forward to future instalments. Best of luck with the training!



Congratulations Rosie on your first blog ! Nice to know someone so young wants to help, probably a good opportunity to eat as much chocolate as you can whilst training ! keep your energy levels up, let us all know if you are creating a just giving site, so we can sponsor you !

Good luck for your training in 2012, Adele Bosman xxx

and a big slobbery kiss from my great dane Pluto, who is by my side as I type x


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