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Pancreatic Cyst Clinics are in most US hospitals, also at London Clinic (private), why aren't they in NHS units, they help to diagnose early

There are patients, including me that go through NHS hoops with early symptoms of Pancreas problems, but we all get the same response of IBS, pulled muscle etc. Early diagnosis is not that people are not presenting, they are not taken seriously and every other illness is checked, leaving pancreas until last, even then you can not possibly have a pancreas problem as it is so rare. The only rare thing is surviving the disease.

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I would address this to your local MP and we would all sign a petition on this site because, yes I agree, it's a disgrace and it's rare to get the right diagnosis until sadly for many, it is too late.



I have just returned from yet another appointment with GP, he is really sorry and thinks there are communication problems. I believe it goes futher than that, sadly part of it is down to money, meeting bureaucratic criteria and only treat those who meet that exactly. You are quite right, MP should know about it, ours is conservative, however the places where I have been seen by consultants are all labour! I am lined up for another CT scan, the merry go round keeps turning and my pain increases.


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