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Hi when i came out of Hospital after my Operation I started to write down the sequence of events that formed my Cancer Journey, That was the Idea at the time anyway but soon got waylaid and wasn't until i got talking with Ali from the Pancreatic website that she asked me to finish it, This i did in my own words and was published on her Website and hopefully inspired others, I want to carry on writing the next chapter 12 months on, Many people who have read it have said i should get it published further and hopefully offered to people when diagnosed to bring some hope to them, anyway that got me to thinking that maybe it could be published into a Mini Book / Booklet with other peoples Journey's therefore, if there is anyone else out there who would consider helping with sharing their journey and possibly helping out to get some form of information Book / Booklet then please mail me, When i was diagnosed i never really Knew the importance of the Pancreas and to be honest never knew what it all ment, I wasn't offered any help and had to rely on the Internet which isn't a good Idea so if a book was handed to me with information and proper websites to visit i would have felt 100% better off, Little things like this are missed and can cause other medical problems to kick in, So please spend time to help me and in turn help others through the journey they are about to take, Thanks Graham

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  • Dear Graham,

    Your story on our website is indeed inspiring others and we would be very happy to publish your next chapter on the site too!

    As for information booklets, I too didn't get any good written information when I was diagnosed and it is with this in mind and the current responses to our survey

    (you can still take part here:

    that we are currently developing a range of modular booklets from "what is pancreatic cancer & how is it diagnosed?" to "chemotherapy & radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer" 'surgical procedures for pancreatic cancer" and "managing symptoms of pancreatic cancer & its treatments" These are currently with our medical advisors who are scrutinising the content to ensure we have everything right. We are trying to get a sponsor to fund these at the moment, so if anyone has any ideas, please get in touch with me.


  • Ihave recieved nothing after my diagnosis , if i did'nt do my own research i would be without much information .

  • Hi Graham

    I did lots of research when my husband was diagnosed in May 2008. Sadly, I lost him in December 2009 but I still keep up to date with pancreatic cancer issues. If any of the information about my husband's cancer journey can be of assistance to you, please let me know.