Pancreatic Cancer Action

My Story!

In January 2010 I lost my wonderful dad to PC, just eleven weeks after diagnosis. He was 75.

Since his death I have campaigned, featured in local papers, writeen to MP's and celebrities, held fundraising activities and generally tried to get the word out there! Later on that year I started a Facebook group for people going through the same as us and it has grown to be one of the most supportive places I have ever been a part of! In a a way it saddens me, after all, if it weren't for PC, none of them would be there.

Yesterday Ali asked if I would become a moderator on here, so here I am! I hope I can be of help and support to everyone at a time when it is needed so, so, much.

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You are the right person to do this Jayne , you support so many people , the group helps me so much , my sister as just joined , everyone on the site are a great deal of comfort and sooo soooo friendly Cath x x x


Thanks Cath, I hope I can be of as much help on here and I'm so glad that it's helped you on Facebook! xxx


Good Luck Jayne, I lost my Dad 2 1/2 years ago to the awful disease. Good luck with the moderating. Also it would be great to know what the facebook page URL is


Hello Jayne,

What is the name of your Facebook group?

Regards Gina


Hi Gina

Families In Support Of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness



Hi Jayne,

Thanks for taking on this role.

I was diagnosed last October and since then have been campaigning to raise awareness and have been very open about my cancer and my treatment.

My children are running the Paris marathon to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. They have a just giving website.

I wondered if we could publicise this on Facebook or here. The more money we can collectively raise for this charity the more succes we can achieve.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Best wishes and good luck .

Maz xxx


Hi Maz,

That's okay, I hope I can be of help and support to others going through it.

So sorry to hear you were diagnosed with this vile cancer, it's good to be open and honest about it. How are you personally coping with it and the symptoms?

Good for them! Yes, publicise away, the more raised the better. If you're a member of Facebook, join my group and publicise on there. You're assured of a warm welcome and plenty of support from likeminded people.

Thank you you too

Jayne xxx


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