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Yellow eyes

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Jaundice or normal? Thanks a lot

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You have asked this question before and was told then nothing wrong with eyes that we could tell. Look about normal. Also if was jaundice then not just about eyes. By now newly 2 weeks after original query jaundice would also show on skin.However we are not doctors (this is a pain group for advice in treating and living with pain issues) and if you need a definitive answer then speak to either gp or optician. It may be that you are seeing something we are not in real life rather than a picture.

Interestingly some time ago someone else (or could be you?) posted exactly the same question and similar pictures. Again at that time was advised nothing seemed wrong…..

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Thank you so much. I just worried and can't go to gp yet..

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So why don’t you go to chemist or optician? Although if so concerned to post here twice in two weeks would have thought going to a medical practitioner would be important…..I still don’t think there is a problem though.

They don't look jaundiced to me, actually somewhat on the blue side, but the colors on my tablet possibly effect my perception. If they are actually jaundiced, you should have dark brownish urine.

I don’t see any jaundice in your eyes. If you Google jaundice in eyes, you can see what they look like. My friend had jaundice, and it was obvious. And she had a whole bunch of health things going on. I agree with Bevvy to go to eye doctor.

Hello there when my husband had pancreatic cancer he was jaundiced and looked like Homer bright yellow. Hope that way lays your worries.

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Sorry about your husband’s pancreatic cancer.

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Its a long time ago now, but still remember it.