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My first bout ever of laryngitis,( which I stupidly thought was a painless complaint )and was surprised to find it was like a very bad case of tonsillitis. Doctor says because it viral laryngitis and viral conjunctivitis the is'nt any thing she can give me except throat spray and to take paracetamol, but I would have thought that something could be done about the hacking cough that comes with it,..which gives me sleepless nights .Any suggestions please.

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Honey.. tbsp. Im super against prescription meds as they destroyed for throat n cough issues I use honey. If u can use honey that is from ur state as it better for ya.

I also use extremely warm heavely salted water n gargle with it numerous times day.

For just a numbing relief.. I use GINOS Italian ices. If ur in the US u can get them even at dollar stores for box of 4 or 6.

Hope u get some relief :)

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Thanks have found ice cream a relief not Gino'.s but still ice cream ,I have been using Manuka honey and lemons in a hot drink but was told that hot drinks not a good idea. and advised not to gargle either non line it seems to be the thing to do, will take the honey straight from the jar.Thanks for advice.

I think I'd see another doctor.

Take a spoon of honey just before bed. It'll coat your throat, keep it moist and help with controlling cough. This was advice from a nurse when I recently had cough and laryngitis. She also recommended keeping water by your bed to sip when you cough - and to use a humidifier. Drink a lot of fluids - I like hot tea with honey. These things all helped me.

If you have sinus drainage, sleep so your back is propped up on pillows (not flat). That can help the drainage to get out.

I hope it helps!

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