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Finger swelling despite relief from last Remicade/Infliximab infusion?

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Hello again! I recently had one of my worst and longest flares- about 1 1/2 months long! I went this past Tuesday and had my Remicade infusion and I’m feeling SO much better! However, my fingers are still swollen and I’m wondering why, especially with the drastic change in the way I feel from the Remicade. Does anyone else ever have this happen, are there any specific triggers you notice or efficient preventive measures you have found to work? Thanks!

* I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriatic Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and chronic headaches and migraines.*

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As a fellow psoriatic arthritis sufferer I know how you feel. I haven't a clue I'm on benepali and its first time I've had ankles in five years but like you my hands still suffer. I thought mine was because I was left so long before being sent to rheumy that I have permanent damage in my hands. I have severe sublaxation in 4 of my fingers so I just put it down to that. Hope you get some relief x