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Medication tablets come in all sorts of packaging, are in all sorts of shape, size, colour etc, and a lot of us use these weekly tablet organizers.

I take Ramipril 2.5 mg capsules for blood pressure and also oxycodone 10 mg capsules for pain. Both capsules are identical in size and shape, half the capsule is coloured white, the other half a shade of orange.

Yesterday, I mistakenly took a familial capsule instead of an oxycodone one.Sometimes the oxycodone can be quite ineffective and it was only after 3 hours of intense pain that I realized my mistake.

This was my error and the consequence my fault. I f my tale prevents similar occurrences with fellow painters, I will take comfort.

We are due another fine day weatherwise.



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Thanks Jim. Have you brought this to attention of your pharmacist? It is hard enough when the change the packaging almost monthly.. Whatever is cheapest from the drug company comes the answer.

Pat x

it may be a good idea to get a pill dosette box, thats has the days of the week on it and you can get them from your pharmacist it will have the tablets you take each day in each section, or if you wanted to you could buy one yourself and put the pills in. its very easy to make a mistake like this if those tablets are so similar. even if they were all different its easy to forget which ones you'v taken and which youv not taken, all the very best jim. i hope you keep well. love grace xoxo 🤗

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What about those extra tablets you might need? Not every day maybe. To someone already confused this can be a problem.

My own way to do David's meds is to remove all one end card so it is open. Then I just take one from each pkt and put into a rum measure!. Haven't worked out way to do extra meds yet.


yes i know that you can get your medication in a pill dosette made up in the pharmacy for you. and keep the other ones you dont take very regulary in another will have much more experience than myself. im only coming up with what i should be doing myself

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Not all pharmacists will do them in containers. . Some tablets in foil lose their effectiveness quickly so they must only be opened when required.

We each adapt our own situation as o how we do things.

Jim's post was the same tablet having the same colour and shape as another.

I think pharmacies must be made aware of this. It has the potential to be dangerous.


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all i know is that my pharmacy does this servise. i dont know about anything else. medicines can be given in differnt forms if things are not suitable i dont want to get into a debate thanks


What gets me is the telling the identity of medications as the drugs can have different colours now that depends on where the medication comes from or the drug is now been produced by different firms.


Hi i put mine in a dossette morning lunch and evening, extra meds are kept seperate and taken when needed. I find that this works well for me. I got the impression that luckyjim was referring to taking the wrong tablet by mistake?

I have an organizer, but still each day review the breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, and extras units so I do not get mixed up. Once accidentally took sleep med at lunch time :(

oh dear. i had a giggle at this one. sorry. its good that your keeping a check on your meds as its easy done. love grace xoxo

Hi Jim.. Hope things turned out well..

I agree. My Tramadol for pain is the same shape and colour of Mebrevine I take for Diverticulitis..

I wonder what would happen if we used food dye on the pills? I've been tempted so many times to paint them..

i wouldnt use food dyes as they are made from chemicals i know small ammounts are not meant to be harmful but the medications are bad enough without adding daily dots of colouring. those colours have E numbers.diazepam 5mg has quinoline E104 and the 10mg Have HTlake 132 that all means something and a lot of medications already have those E numbers and colouring in liver is bad enough and i dont want to stress it out more.i hope this is helpful jim. love grace xoxo

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