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Sick note

Does anyone else worry when their sick note runs out?

I'd say that 60% of the time I can work full time. 39% of the time I struggle through in survival mode. Then 1% of the time I just can't and I have to take sick leave. The pain just gets too much. It might not be any worse than the 39% but there is only so long you can be in survival mode for..

(it's probably a very optimistic split-realistically more like 30% work fine, 60% survival mode, 10% sick days)

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I'm self employed which is good for my current situation, pretty much anyone is for the sector I work in. I changed my role to adapt to my problems, so it is a lot easier for me. I worked a lot over the past few weeks, now I'm going to take it easy. Any chance you can go part time or just be self employed? The only issue I'm going to have with it is buying a house, apart from that it is a pretty good life.


i think I would worry being self employed as at my worst I didn't work for 6 months. I think I may have to look at part time in the long run but (and I no this sounds silly) but every time I think about it,I feel like I'm failing.

I had so many aspirations before, whereas now I just get through the day in a menialjob

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What do you actually do for a job? What did you have to stop doing & what do you want to do? I lost my job, then the place I rented, almost lost everything being honest, I ended up having to move back home. I still have to 1-2 days a week, not ideal. I changed career, then changed role within my job, earned sod all money to start with, then I eventually got better & what I did now I'm doing ok. I looking at changing the role I do now, thinking of the future.

I don't think I will ever be able to work full time again, the way things are at the moment. So what if you changed jobs or career, who cares it's about making it work for you.


I have a admin job. probably the worst sort of job for the me. Strip lighting, sat at a desk all day. Talking to people. But it's what I'm good at, and there is very little stress


Can you change jobs etc? You can do if you want it! My career isn't a stressful as my old, but there can be plenty of it sometimes mostly down to money & the clients!

I live with PTSD, Depression, Axienty, Central Pain, (CPRS Type 1) & a prolapsed disk. Some days I can't do shit, other times I'm ok. I still have a lot of bad days. If I can do they you can all do it, I have no desire to be on benefits, plus I earn far more by working!

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You can ask the hr and occy health dept to shorten your hours each day during the struggle period, which may prevent you having time off sick.

You could ask to work at home 1 or 2 days a week.

You could ask for flexi hours, so if you feel bad you could start later, or leave earlier.

You could take the recommended 10 mins every hour to stretch and walk about.

You could freelance from home. There are a few on line reputable agencies.

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Thank you this is really helpful x


I hope they work with you to make things easier for you.

You can go to CAB and they will support you, and might even provide someone to go to the meetings with you, if you don't have a union rep.


The way I can manage RA in a healthy way is knowing that my new goal, aspiration, part of my life's mission is getting well and maintaining a positive, loving attitude about my life and purpose. I can not keep it up all the time but I dwell in the time I can do it. YOU ARE NOT FAILING YOU ARE LIVING!! The important thing is who you are and not what you do.


Yes I am always worrying about it !!!!

Been on sick leave for 6 years !!!

And I've no idea when I last had one !!!

But lucky the gp have it on their system

Take care

Christine CRPS uk

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