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Lidocaine infusion

Hi. my name is James Stokes and I have suffered with MS for 33 years. I get severe pains in my legs and have been a patient of the pain clinic at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for a few years. I have just had my 3rd Lidocaine infusion and it really does help. It has stopped the spasms I get first thing in the morning and my legs feel almost normal. I can actually lay in bed in the mornings, where usually I have to get up because of the pain. It lasts about 3-4 months which to me is fantastic. I would like to thank all the pain clinic staff and Dr Deepak Ravindran for there help.

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What a lovely post James. Someone in pain prasing the NHS and pain clinic. Very rare.

Glad you get the relief you need and thank you for sharing.

More people should say thank you to the over worked understaffed pain clinics.


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Hi James

Glad to hear you've found a little respite from your symptoms. The simple pleasure of lying in bed without having to get up...

I confess to knowing very little about MS, apart from the basics, and so please don't be offended / upset by what I am going to say.

Have you heard of / seen any of Dr Terry Wahls' work?

I only hear of her second hand as I have RA and some of her thinking crosses over with a lot of the current work being done into gut microbiome dysfunction and it's effect on autoimmune/ inflammatory conditions.

I see her name a lot, but as I don't have MS cannot say personally what her work is all about, other than that folk say what she has done with her own MS is nothing short of miraculous.

If you are anything like me your gut reaction if you haven't already heard of her, may well be one of disbelief, but the more I read (and put into practise) stuff about gut dysfunction, the more sense it is making.

I wish you well.


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