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Hi gang (I'm also back) to bore you all again


My lower back is still bad but my pain is now stabilized on 40 mg of Oxycontin a day with 20 mg of oxycodone for any breakthrough pain.

I start Physio again soon. This time with more manual manipulation.

My Consultant has said that my facet joints are being overloaded. I think walking with bad posture and then trying to hold myself up straight - for

years, has caught up with me! MRI is still clear.

How are you all?


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Hi james its good to hear that your medication is working for you. When i had manual manipulation i found it so painful that it brought tears to my eyes. However that was before they diagnosed a fractured vertabra. Hope it works well for you as chronic pain is hard to deal with. Let us know how the physiotherapy goes. X


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Hi James, similar Back problems. After 24 years finally getting a option of Surgery. But long way off yet. A Neuro Consultant Has 1 year waiting list!! Can't take Meds your on. As severe Asthma & Stomach problems. Take Butrans Patches & Parcetemol. I am going to Physio for Manipulation. With Ultra sound & other Machine. Have to go Private. As NHS will not do Hands On Treatment well in my area.!! So I limit to what Can Afford. Truly hope you get Some Relief from your Physio. Jan. X


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