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advice gratefully recievied, breathing probs

after i got slated last week for a comment its taken a leap of faith to ask for more help. please, if you dont have any usefull advice dont comment, im low as it is.

was at nhs outta hrs few days back, i got copd, gave it 3 days buts still seems as bad, docs dont say when to come back if "this happens or that doesenst happen" how long do i leave it? im close to last time i had to call ambulance.

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Not sure you on correct site for this question - be better on lung issues site.

BUT I also have COPD. If you still feeling rough at very least you should contact GP.

What meds are you taking for flare-up? Do you have nebuliser at home?

Difficult to advise without more information. HOWEVER if in any doubt go to A&E. Far better to be safe than sorry.

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Always best if possible to try and see your GP within normal hours rather than relying on out of hours services, ambulance or A & E. If you do need out of hours advice, then you could try 111 (or NHS24, or whatever the emergency advice line is in your area) as they will ask you lots of questions and make the decision for you about whether its an emergency and where to get help. Don't leave it to the point where you really are struggling to get enough oxygen though.

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I have copd and I always have steroids and antibitics in on the doctors orders

I always get into the doctors when I ring hope you feel better soon xx


If you were diagnosed with COPD, you should have been given at least one or more inhalers to keep you breathing well. After having severe pneumonia and 2 blood clots on my lungs ( 11 days in hospital) I was left with slight COPD. I use an inhaler during the day, a different one at night. I also carry around what is called a rescue a "rescue" inhaler.. Call your doc and let him know you are not breathing easily.

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