I am currently in France and have sustained a lower back injury, which I struggle to walk with, the doctor has prescribed me Ketoprofene Zentiva 100mg, and Monocrixio 100mg, unfortunately the language barrier was a massive problem whilst asking questions about these medicines. Can anyone tell me if i can take them both together or am i supposed to leave a few hours in between?

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  • Hi Danny, just a quick google of these meds suggests that the first one is an anti inflammatory and the second is a version of tramadol which is a pain killer. It is quite usual to be prescribed both for acute injury and as far as I know you can take both together but I am not medically trained - just used google. Hope that helps. Best wishes

  • Thank you, I tried google but i'm not the best at searching for things. Thanks again

  • If I can't get to a registered pharmacist to check, I use the interactions checker Seems to show that combination is fine to take together.

  • Sure you can. Make sure you know how to take them. Once daily if it is extended release. Ketoprofen should be taken with food.

  • As both of them are [url=]traditional medicines[/url] so you can take both at the same time but usually it is not recommended.

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