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what rights do i have at work because i have to share my pc/desk with another person who has been desk assessed?

i work 6pm till 2am on the computer at work and another person uses the same desk 9am till 5pm but that person has had a desk assessment performed and they have put notices on the chair/monitor saying i cannot adjust the chair/monitor. this then creates a problem for me as i find how they have the chair/monitor set up to be uncomfortable.

-help needed here :/

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Hi there , we experience the same at my office. Your company is legally obliged to ensure you have a workstation that suits your needs. A separate chair must be provided to you, and the other persons put aside when they leave. If the monitor etc is also dse assessed they must enable you to use a separate PC and desk. Hop this helps


I agree with Bluechip, I have special chair, keyboard etc but have to move my chair etc to whichever desk I'm at, lots of others do the same. You need to have a chair that suits you so take it up with your manager.


I job shared with someone. I had my own chair set for me. The stand the monitor was on was adjustable. We both worked out our settings together, and reset it for the other at the end of our shift. I also set the desk differently because I'm left handed, so we had double lists on the walls of phone extensions that were in places comfortable for us to see, double top drawers with stationary. We worked out a work flow that worked for both of us (work in, pending, completed) so that we could pick up where the other left off.

Just need a bit of communication between you, the other and your manager.


Hi there,

I work under very similar conditions, I work 4 pm til midnight and the day time user has a dse assessed work station. I had to get the union involved as my manager was backing me but the day shift workers manager was backing her.

Basically, these assessments are designed so that the individual user is able to adjust their surroundings, or in other words you should be dse assessed so you can adjust the work space to suit your needs each night and then the day shift worker can adjust to her neends each morning.

It might be annoying for her but she needs to realise that the equipment belongs to the workplace, not to her and it's just as much your work space as it is hers therefore you have just as much right to make your adjustments.

You can also ask your GP to give you a fit for work note recommending specialist equipment - I did this and now the day shift lady and I each have our own specialist chairs so it's only the desk adjustments that we need to change now, tho it did take me a year to get separate chairs sorted.

Hope you get it sorted, I'll never understand why day shift genearly have no respect for back shift and insist we are invading their space!!!!


Hi,Do you have a recognised illness?

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Hi Shadowworker

I think you need to calmly explain to work the problems this is causing you and give them the chance to come up with a solution. If this is causing you health problems you need to get support from your doctor in the form of a Fit Note explaining what would need to be changed at your work station to help your health problems and then ask for an assessment yourself. I have done two job shares and I know it is very difficult sharing a work station and sometimes comprimises have to be made on both sides but it is in your works' interest to get this sorted out amicably as if you are forced into working in this way you could end up off sick yourself. It appears to me if they refused they wouldn't have good grounds as they have made adjustments for the other person so why not you. Best of luck with thisx


Hi, shadowworker, I would get a desk assessment yourself ASAP. Good luck!


that would be my strategy too - if necessary get support from your doctor saying that your desk is causing you problems.


Are you not entitled to your own desk assessment too ? I thought that legally, if you asked for one, you could have one.

The same question cropped up where I worked recently. We are entitled to have an assessment of our work station. We are also expected to hot desk, but the organisation gets around this by saying that the assessment includes showing us how to set up any workstation to suit us.

I have to say that it's a bit annoying to have to reorganise your desk every day, and don't get me started on chairs. We are fortunate that in our office most days I can sit at my usual preferred spot, and everyone is very accommodating and will move if I need to sit there.


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