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Hello everyone, I posted a blog on Saturday entitled 'An Invitation'. Whilst I have had some lovely replies, mostly they are from folks too far away. So, can I please now try and get the attention of members living within a reasonable distance of Shipley, West Yorks and see if we can arrange something. (Shipley is very near Bradford, Keighley and Howarth)

As well as a nice social afternoon, I do have a lot of specific information on various Therapies which you may like to take with you. This came about from the 'Pain Awareness Event' I arranged locally in June. I have packs of leaflets which you may find useful and I would like to pass them on. However, it is mainly something social I am aiming at - whilst the weather lasts! Take care now.

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Its a cracking idea you have there ann-marie92..... I may think of something like that up here in the heart of scotland, and that's Perthshire, lovely area....

Hope you get you meet up with others soon....

Take care



Hi there Anne-Marie 92, any news on whether Saturday the 27th is a possibility. I know getting people together is like herding cats! If not then maybe another time but I'd love to meet you. I do need to know as I have to book my terrain/coach tickets in the next day or so for the trip I am making to Huddersfield on the 26th. Many thanks, and good luck if it doesn't happen then. Bowbells


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