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Rubbish night sleep and all my own fault

I have a nightly routine whereby I take the necessary meds before I get in bed, last night for some reason I only took one med which is not pain related. Dozed of about 10pm woke up at 10.15., dozed of again 15mins later woke up again, this went on until 1am each time my arm and hand were getting more painful, lightbulb moment, had not taken my pregablin, so rummaged around, tried to get the little blighters out of the poppy packet with my right hand not playing ball, won the fight took the pills fell into proper sleep at about 3am. 6.30am now awake as I've got a dreaded dentist appointment which I cannot cancel again, still not a 100% & not looking forward to sitting in that chair and the man having a poke around causing me more pain.

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It's horrible when that happens! I set up weekly boxes to prevent this - provided I can find the box! At the moment I;m in the middle of a massive sort-out (and ;hunt the escaped pet rat!) which made things harder to find.

Good luck at the dentist. Propolis lozenges from the health food shop often help with pain and healing after awkward dental and maxillofacial stuff. Also I practice concentrating on my breathing and dissociating myself from my body (not to be tried if you have mental health problems with dissociation), which I find really helpful for dental - or gynaecological - work.



thanks missrat, fortunately there was no poking just looking today and was out in 5 mins with hygienist appointment 2 weeks time.


Don't blame yourself! The times I have had a flare up and followed it with, "well it's my own fault really, I should've done this / not done that......" Yes there are things we can do to ease the problems and help but we are all only human at the end of the day.

I hope you have a better night tonight.


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