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My Journey

Hi i have Myeloma it was diagnosed Nov 2012 after being told on numerious occasions that i had siatica ,i was given Radiation then put on a trial drug which put me in remmision until June 2013 it had spread to my pelvis so i had to go on more medication the only problem i had no chemo for 5 months as my platelets were too low they were checked every week ,i managed at last to get them to a level where i could start the chemo again tablet form July 2014 i had stem cell transplant from my own cells so far so good i get bloods every month plus drip to strenghen my bones ,my problem now is my back the disks are moving to the side which is causing nerve pain down my leg will need to have it explained next month when i go back as i also have fibromyalgia so find it hard to take things in .

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You are a very strong woman to be dealing with all of these health challenges! I wish you well. I am hearing that mm is more and more becoming a "chronic condition" that can be controlled with the new treatments. You have a lot to live for! Best wishes!


Hi there, thanks for sharing your story and we are glad you're here! You are doing so well and will get through this! AllsWellWI is right- myeloma is becoming more and more treatable as a chronic condition so that is great news! i invite you to check out the myeloma videos at patientpower.info/myeloma and you might be interested in joining Health Unlocked's Fibromyalgia community for more info on that topic- healthunlocked.com/fibromya... Let me know how we can support you! -Theresa

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