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Possible myeloma or bone mets

Hi Ive been experiencing symptoms for just over 1 year now it started with nausea and weight loss

Then changes to my nails which now grow flat and have a strange contour to the nails, extreme dry skin and changes to the colour of my semen from a normal colour to yellow, I then started to get severe bone pain in various different areas along with visual problems like long translucent strands in my eyesight similar to floaters but on a much larger scale

I'm waking up very nauseated on a morning with severe ringing in my ears and feel really ill

My blood Immunoglobulin (m) has been low since early 2014 and so has my ceruloplasmin

My vitamin b12, D. And phosphate are all abnormal with rising calcium levels

I feel like I'm dying a slow death and the doctors think I've gone crazy because I have had:

A ct scan of my head, chest, pancreas

An Mri of my head and neck which showed lymph nodes bilateral at various different locations but just still within the normal range

A gastostrophy, colonoscopy

All of which showed calcification in two parts of my liver and diverticular in my colon

I mentioned to the doctors my concern about cancer but because all these scans came clear they are labelling me as a fixed drlusion on my health

I'm extremely poorly and don't know what to do ive changed Gp practice twice and had many visits to the doctors and a+e and feel like my life is coming to a dramatic end leaving four daughters and a fantastic woman in my life

I'm sorry to ask this question to existing sufferers of myeloma but has anyone had a similar experience before diagnosis as I know bone mets can have a similar effect to myeloma

I just want this nightmare to end as I'm not getting help for the symptoms or emotional support because everyone thinks I've gone crazy



A very poorly and worried 37 year old male