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Pro lymphocytes 42% in blood report


I am CLL patien and was Dxin feb 2013. Presently wait and watch

Recent blood report revealed the total WBC 1,73,000 and 52% lymphocytes ,442% prolymphocytes ,6% neutrophills. No fever ,no night sweats ,no fatigue , no fever

No Lymphocyte doubling time , No bad markers, Mutated, No 17p deletion

My appointment with my doctor is scheduled next week,

is it an indication that my CLL is progressing into more aggressive form due to higher percentage of prolymphocytes?

Please guide and any other person has similar increase in prolymphocytes ?


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I've had dozens of blood tests and I've never heard of pro lymphocytes. Your WBC count has got to be off too. I would re read your WBC. It sounds to me like you are doing fine. Stay positive.


Since you are seeing your doctor next week ( now this week) ask all these questions. I ask lots of questions. Has your doc been feeling for swollen lymph nodes? When mine around the neck appeared enlarged 3 yrs ago, that is when treatment started and now all my levels are normal except platelets still a bit low. Good luck


B cell prolymphocytes is a rare form of CLL. and when pro lymphocytes exeed 55% , CLLwill be considered as Prolympmphocyticl lulkemia which is hard to treat ,same treatment as CLL.

Flow cytometry of peripheral blood will give a correct picture wheter the CLL has transformmed into PLL. certain markers like cd20, cd19, cd22,cd79a,and FMC7 will be bright as per the information I got .

I am advised to repeat blood work after 3 weeks


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