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Expert Patient Programme

Expert Patient Programme

I've recently come across the Expert Patient Programme which are free self-management courses for people living with any long-term health condition. They also run courses for supporters of people with long-term conditions.

I remember a husband saying at an Ovacome event that he wished there was something for him - and I thought this programme might be a useful resource.

The website is:

It's only available in England.

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I do not want to hi-jack your post but I thought I would share my experience of EPP.

I attended an Expert Patient Programme in Wakefield and I can reccomend the course. It was run over six weeks and since the course has finished I attend a meeting every month. It made me far more confident when speaking to the many people looking after me. The facilitiators had both been through the course and this helped. We looked at nutrition, touched on mindfullness, plus much more and most importantly we had a laugh. At the course I attended there were about eight people and many who had been ill all their life so I gained much from being with these patients.

I waited until I had finished my second line chemo before starting the course, but found that much of what I was learning could have been very useful as I went through treatement. Not sure if I would have been up to it every week as my gem/carbo treatment did knock me back.

It has led me onwards to get a GP referral to Get Active.

Love Wendy xx


Dear Wendy,

That's such a helpful post as it gives first-hand information about the EEP course. Is the Get Active Referral to attend exercise classes? We have a Fitness Referral here in Wales. Neither my GP or the oncologist mentioned it but I heard about it from another exhibitor when I was running a stand for Ovacome at a Health Awareness Day.

I started the Fitness Programme last week and thoroughly enjoyed the two classes I attended. I'd recommend this to anyone who is relatively mobile because you can do as much or as little as you like and everyone's very sympathetic and supportive.

I don't think I can attend an EEP course because it seems it's only available to people who are resident in England. I'm not sure whether there's anything similar in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Perhaps someone will add to the post to let us know what else is available.

xx Love Annie


Just looked at the website and there is info and a link about courses in Wales. Cliclk on the online couses pic and there is a phone number and link embedded in the info!



Thanks Margaret. I received a really helpful email from EEP which I've copied below in the hope that anyone can book one of their online courses even if the face-to-face events aren't available in their local NHS area.

I've booked the online course starting on 24 April.

I just wanted to share the opportunity with everyone.

Hope all is well with you. xxx



Sorry Annie!

I posted before I read through the whole blog!



They can get confusing. Sometimes posts don't end up where I expect them at all! xx


No just awkward holding ipad in bed! Treating myself to a lie in! LOL!


Hi Annie,

Yes, the Get Active referral was for low impact exercise in a swimming pool and gym classes. I am still on waiting list but looking forward to attending as I have chronic joint pain in feet and walking a bit tough after all my treatment.

Have a lovey day,

Love Wendy xx


I emailed EPP to find out whether they offer the programme in Wales. The reply would be helpful to anyone who lives outside their programme areas. Please see advice from Samantha Higham below:

In order to attend one of the EPP courses you must either be living in the area that the courses are commissioned by the Primary Care Trusts, or be registered with a GP in that area.

Unfortunately we do not run courses in Wales but we could offer you an online course instead. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.

Samantha Higham

Central Administrator

Expert Patients Programme Community Interest Company

Rutherford House, Warrington Road, Birchwood, WA3 6ZH

T: 01925 320000

F: 01925 320 561


Working Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


I would recommend the online course for anyone interested. I took part in an online cancer survivors course a couple of years ago and tho it is not the EPP I think the results are similar. I learned how to express myself better at appts, how to deal with the pain, how to deal with people 's sad attitudes towards me and my condition at the time. I think it was thru macmillan and Stanford Uni in the States. Seems such a long time ago now!

Good luck to anyone who participates. Our local area doesn't run the course unfortunately.

Hugs to you all x


I've just had a helpful email from them to say I can enrol for the online course. When I get home I'll post up details. xxxxx




If anyone is interested in these courses they are available online. Please see below the lovely email I received from EPP this morning. Hopefully anyone who wants to access the training can do so online:

Hi Annie

I have been asked to make contact with you to let you know about the NHS Wales Expert Patients Programme Online Pilot. We are working closely with NHS Wales to provide online course places to complement the community courses they have been providing for a number of years. You can find more information about the work they do in Wales by going to the EPP Cymru website at:

People living in Wales usually approach EPP Cymru first and are given a unique ID number which they provide to us and we then register them for the online course. However, if you would prefer to do this directly through us I can pass on your details (with your permission of course) to EPP Cymru and obtain an ID number for you. Whether you approach EPP Cymru first or come through us you will be required at some stage to complete an application form so I have attached a copy of this. If you would like to join an online course please complete and return it to us. The next course starts on 24th April.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes


Laura Taylor

Project Manager Online Programme

Working Days: Tues, Wed & Thurs

Expert Patients Programme Community Interest Company

Mobile: 07500039729

Working Days Tues, Wed, Thurs


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