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Can anyone tell me how long they left it before having bleached highlights on their new hair growth after losing the lot to chemo?

I have been having semi permanent dyes to hide the grey, but I don`t like myself dark. I`d love to be blonde again as soon as possible. I should know the answer to this as I`m a retired hairdresser but to be honest I cannot really think of one reason why once the hair has grown back we have to wait before bleaching.

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To be honest, Tina; having had cancer, nothing would induce me to put any unecessary chemicals near my skin, so the only colour products I would consider using would be gentle, natural non-permanent ones. I stopped colouring my hair on diagnosis, but I know this is not how some want to be. Are there other ways to get the desired result? Bleaching sounds so harsh for your poor scalp after it has gone through the horrid assaults of chemo.

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Hello Tina

I have used hair dye since a teenager to diagnosis at 53, from the wash out in 6 washes in the 60's to full grey cover up to 2007. I would never have gone grey by choice and intended to dye it the recommended 4 months after chemo. . However it grew back grey yes but parts much darker than my original colour. My husband liked it and I grew to like it and now I am glad I didn't. Anything that makes us feel better is good, but I was surprised at an avid anti grey like me likes it better now. Take care and wishing you the best.


I must admit, I'd never ever wanted my brunette hair coloured before I was bad, even when I started going grey. After the first lot of chemo finished and it had fallen out and I was pretty down we were going on a cruise, so my hairdresser took one look and said I looked so old from the back, she recommended colouring. I'm not sure what she used, but she knew my situation, and I let them get on with it and a new red hed went on the cruise with my husband. This time it has grown back silvery, and everybody (including the hairdresser) has told me it is so pretty it is a shame to colour it. My husband has a judi dench lookalike to go with him on this celebration cruise!

He likes the variety now.

Good luck

Love n ugs



I started dyeing mine again about 3 months after it started growing back. I was feeling so rotten - surgical menopause, awful achey joints, I felt ANCIENT - and a haircut & colour really helped me to feel a bit more like my 'old' self.

Really, I felt like the whole cancer journey had put 10 years on me in 1 year.

My hair grew back much thicker than it had been before, and it still is - very different to my previous long fine locks. I can't see I'll ever have it long again because it just gets so thick & unruly when it's longer than a couple of inches. It looked like grey fur before I dyed it (that's fine on a cat, but not on me!).

Anyway, I lived a healthy, active lifestyle for 30 years. I did everything you are supposed to do to avoid getting serious illnesses like cancer, but I still got cancer (ok, so I had dyed my hair for years, I was never that pure).

So my view now is that if it feels (or looks) good, do it (within reason). Life is like many things - it's quality, not quantity, that counts.


Thanks Pixie,

That`s exactly how cancer and chemo has left me feeling. Now one year sinse diagnosis I feel sooo incredibly old.

Ok, so I have lived with Fibromyalgia for the best part of 15 years and I have learnt how to manage the muscle pain but this joint pain is something new to me. Some days I feel convinced its now in my bones but I know deep down it isn`t.

I have gained about 1 1/2 stone, can hardly walk some days and yes short dark hair isn`t me at all, even tho it maybe closer to my natural colour.

I`ve had blonde hair since the age of about 15 and it so dark now. Everyone like it apart from hubby and closest friends who have admitted its ageing. At 53 maybe I should embrace age but feeling old is one thing, to look old as well just adds to injury.

My hair has too come back much thicker and very wavy, maybe I will like it better darker once it grows a bit longer.

If I bleach it, it won`t come into contact with my sclap because I would have cap highlights, lots of them, LOL!!!!. Yes, bleach is harsh on the hair but its actually better to have cap highlights rather than a full head of darker colour with low % peroxide. Dark shades are more likely to cause allergy reactions than high lift colours, so colouring directly on the root (scalp) is always a risk factor. Skin tests are therefore always recommended before an application.

Pre-chemo, I used a highlift colour (Not bleach) but now its so dark bleach will be the only thing to lift it.

I just wandered what the waiting time is - I guess there isn`t one.

It was really interesting to read all your posts, and interesting to hear what other ladies have done with their hair. I just feel like an old frump right now, well I am 53, LOL!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone - wishing you all back to wellness with hugs x


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