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The AllTrials Campaign, which calls for all clinical trials to be registered, and the results reported in the public domain would like to know more about UK patients’ views on this issue.

Legislation about clinical trials is currently being debated in the European Parliament. The results of this survey will help us feed patients’ views into that legislation, and into national government consultations on clinical trials.

Could you please help by answering four, very short, multiple-choice questions at the link below.

About the AllTrials Campaign

Clinical trials are used to test new and existing treatments. Sometimes the results (the overall picture of the treatment’s effects) are not published - which means that other medical researchers and doctors cannot use them. If you would like to change this situation to the ultimate benefit of patients, please fill in our short questionnaire and sign our petition.

The AllTrials Campaign is backed by a UK-registered charity, Sense About Science. London-based Sense About Science works in partnership with scientific bodies, researchers, publishers, policymakers, the public and the media to change public discussions about science and evidence.

For more about the AllTrials Campaign: see

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