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Imperfection is not failue

Hi Everyone

I have been told many times its not your fault you were not to know you that you would get ovarian cancer, even after all the years of going to the doctors with one thing or another, and always thanking the lord that its never cancer!!

here is a little saying that I like to read:

Your constant checking may be related to your belief that you would be a failure or irresponsible if you did not catch a disease early you need to make a distinction between being a reasonalbe versus being a perfect person . Since you have no chance of ever being perfect, we can only hope that you can be reasonable. Failing to catch everything is inevitable-and beyond your control.


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You must never think it's your fault .. cancer is such a random thing ...

OK, some of us may have smoked, drank, not conceived, worked in stressful jobs, but none of us asked for this. It makes me feel angry to think anyone should even suggest it.

Or maybe I misread your post? After all, I have had a couple of glasses of wine ;-

Love, Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your blogg your advice is always a help, and you are right it isnt my fault I am a perfectionist and that means looking out for health problems which is what I always thought I was on top of all these years but like the saying says you cant catch everything especially when O.C can give very few symptoms early, I had a clear cell which does not show its symptoms until its stage 2, I prayed for health and happiness, I guess God is a very busy man, and never got around to answering my prays [only joking] I find the whole O.C so depressing at times especailly when you go for your treatment I'm on my second line after having sucessfull surgery and Chemo or so I thought until it came back resistant after 3 months!!!



Sarah bravo you have come on such a long journey and we are all there with you every step of the way.


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