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IP6 supplement

Just a quick question to ask whether any of you have heard of a nutritional supplement called IP6? It is supposed to have beneficial effects for those who have or have had cancer, and has even been described as an "anticancer compound". I have recommended it to my mum (who has just finished her treatment for stage 3c OVCA) but she is a little wary and wondered if anyone else who has OVCA takes it or can share any info, tips, precautions etc about it?

Thank you!!

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I had not heard of it, Jess, but I looked it up, and am considering trying it myself! It seems to be genuinely valuable to support patient through chemo (see What is said about it makes sense to me, and there are now unwanted side effects.



Ooh I'll try anything, Where did you buy it from?

Thank you!



Hi Jess,

your mum is right to be cautious, I would not take anything without first consulting the

Oncologist however convincing it seems,there are a lot of claims out there but they often don't give the whole story [side effects etc] that can give you other problems.

I did a quick search and there are some. They are all too glad to take your money.

I have OVCA too, please take care my best wishes to your mum.


Thanks Isadora and Sarah for your replies. Haven't bought any yet but the Nutri Centre stocks it and you can buy online. Having read up on it it seems you have to take quite large doses on an empty stomach so the powder form looks best - I think you can have 1 or 2 scoops in the morning and at night and that will provide the quantity needed (instead of having to take lots of capsules throughout the day).

I did read somewhere it can interfere with iron absorption and since mum has had troubles with anaemia we are going to check it out with her oncologist first but otherwise we will be ordering some ASAP!!


Thanks Gwyn, I agree so we will wait and see what her oncologist says. I think in the end we will weigh up all the info we have and make a decision then. I will let everyone know what we find out!


Dear Jess

I am one of the support nurses at Ovacome and I would definitely get the opinion of the oncologist first. Some of these other treatments may interact with any cancer treatment you are on. This can be difficult though because of course oncologists aren't specialists in complementary therapies.

Best Wishes



Hi! Try looking it up on the Penny Brohn Centre website. They were formerly the Bristol Cancer Centre and do a lot of work with supportive complementary therapies. They may have some evidence of how it works. they are a well-respected organisation who are staffed by doctors and nurses who believe that traditional and complementary therapies can work

Good luck!

Wendy xx


Dear all

I appreciate the need for caution, I may have sounded a bit flippant earlier. A 'nutritional supplement' sounds so innocuous. I would be interested in hearing what your Mum's oncologist has to say Jess. My best wishes to you both.



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