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Could this be related ..... or just unlucky???

I had my right ovary and tube removed 12 years ago due to a twisted ovarian cyst that was apparently leaking. The surgeon advised that everything looked okay after surgery and subsequently he advised that the histology was okay - no further treatment required. Last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 PPC high grade serous/ovarian origin. After surgery ovarian cancer confirmed in left ovary and tube. Was I just unlucky or could this be connected? Has anyone else had anything like this? No further checks were ever carried out after the first surgery.

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Sorry this happened to you.

It was probably bad luck as you would not have been followed up if histology was negative.

Take care xxx

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Sounds like one of those odd coincidences.

I've got one of my own: 3 of us OC women who all did the same course ( and quite a small course at that) at the same university... now what are the odds of that happening?

Try not to niggle at it too much... from what you say it sounds as if they did explore things thoroughly at the time, hence no need for follow up. x

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Wow that certainly is a coincidence. None of my friends or people I have worked with have OC. The only people I've met have been through this site or at hospital. X x


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