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Learning to be yourself but in a different way

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two weeks ago and I was kind of blind-sided as I was firstly diagnosed with pneumonia. There's a lot of waiting for results but I guess you have to get used to that. No treatment plan as yet as the professionals have to determine what stage the cancer is. I never thought I would know the rules of curling or even understand the scoring system of snow boarding! But here we are. I'm just getting on with being in my flat and remaining positive. It's hard but necessary. Keep the faith.


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Oh Dorcri I am so sorry you find yourself here but you will find lots of information and support on this site. I was in shock after diagnosis and didn’t speak to anyone for a week but gradually got used to saying ‘I have ovarian cancer ‘. Don’t forget you don’t have to know everything all at once...just enough to help you begin treatment. And yes the waiting sucks but I did watch all sorts during my treatment....thank goodness for iPlayer xx


Welcome to the club none of us wanted to join. This is a great place for sharing experience and support.

The early - and the continuing, for that matter - waiting is awful.

I got hooked on Masterchef after my first diagnosis, so widening our horizons clearly comes with the territory!xxx


Hi,I think when your first told the devestating news you are in limbo,but when things start moving,you learn to cope,it's hard but this site is wonderful for support and advise they help you through it.also being of work for months I got hooked on the real housewives, good luck xx


The ladies on this site are a wonderful source of support and informed information. You are never alone! Best wishes.

Gwen xx


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