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Update on progress with Letrozole

Greetings lovely people

I've been on Letrozole now for 6 weeks and had a CT scan and consultation this week. Basically my 3 tumours have shown a slight increase since my last scan in October, but nothing major. I'm feeling really well, so am going to stay on the Letrozole and keep monitoring - next scan in 2 months when we will take the decision about starting chemo. Time to fit in a holiday.

Best wishes Dawn

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Good morning Dawn,

Sounds like a great plan - treating yourself while the going is good. Enjoy the holiday wherever you decide to go.

Hope today is a good day,

L x


Hi, can I ask about the Letrozole -- is this a medication stabilising your disease without the need for chemoherapy again just yet? I have had one recurrence in 2015 and am watching and waiting on another possible recurrence now, CA125 is elevated but there is nothing showing on CT scan yet. Enjoy your holiday where ever you go.

Best Wishes, Mel


Thanks Mel. Letrozole is a hormone therapy so an anti oestrogen. I have been told that it works for about 20% of OC patients with the aim of stabilising the disease ~ not a cure. I had to have my original tumour retested to ascertain the extent of oestrogen receptivity before the Letrozole would be prescribed. My receptivity was 20%.

So yes it's about delaying the need for chemotherapy. I haven't had any short term side effects, and at this point can't get worried about the long term!

Might be worth talking to your health team about your suitability as it's benefit does appear to be at the watch and wait stage.

Good luck, Dawn


Hi Dawn. Thank you very much for your reply. I will talk with my oncologist about this drug --- I hadn't heard of this drug, or it being used in this way, to stabilise this disease. A stabiliser sounds good, thereby delaying chemo for as long as possible. My oncologist is doing research too and is always testing my tumour for something or other. So she could test the oestrogen receptivity. Might be beneficial at this stage, for me, as you say. Thanks very much for the information. I really appreciate your reply. All the best to you and for your holiday.



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