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Granulosa Cell Tumor

Well the results are in and it's been confirmed the mass in my Ovary was/is a Granulosa Cell type of ovarian cancer.

I only had rt ovary and tube removed and they have no further plans for surgery at this stage.

I've to go for full body imaging and then if get the all clear from that will have a follow up MRI every 6 months (unless I have any concerns inbetween them)

Was also told chemo not needed.

Just wondered what others experience with this type of Ovarian cancer has been like.

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My friend was diagnosed about 10 years ago and had the same surgery as yourself with no chemo.

This is an extremely rare cancer and there is an American support group

Hope this is helpful.

Take care x


I had surgery to remove ovaries, & tubes plus hysterectomy & omentectomy when my initial tumour was found 9 years ago. It was then found to be a granulosa cell tumour. I also had no chemo. I was told it was not necessary with GCT ( granulosa cell tumours) & that it is not as successful as with more aggressive types of OC anyway. I was also told that recurrences, if they happen, happen many years later, & the preferred way of dealing with them is by further surgery. CA125, which many ladies are tested for is often not raised, & inhibin levels may be tested. That is a hormone produced by granulosa cells, & mine was raised when my first recurrence was found after only 2 years, & I had further surgery. Mine has now unfortunately spread, & the surgeons weren't happy to operate on me this time, so I've now had chemo & I've also had hormone treatment, which usually involves just taking a tablet a day. I wish you well on your journey, & wish you a long & cancer free life. There is a facebook group called GCT survivor Sisters, though many of the members are in the USA & Canada, so the comments often refer to the American medical system. Di


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