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I have been cancer free for 2 years. 6 weeks ago I found a small lump in my neck and now have itchy scalp and under arms and have lost a couple of pounds. Had my check up last week and they have taken blood and I have a cat scan next week I'm guessing to be safe!

I'm sure it's nothing and I'm trying not worry but would love anyone else experiences please.


Michelle x

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This happened to me cancer free for 3 years then on hidays in Kent found a lump also in my neck. Oncologist made me wait 6 weeks before he'd see me I was devastated. I too had itching but I have dermatomyositis which rears it's head when cancer is early warning if you like. My oncologist was cold and heartless... I did change him as wanted 2nd opinion so went privately. Mine was secondary cancer in.your lymph nodes. But it could've been any thing as yours may well be. So many things can cause odd lumps. Try not to worry too much I know it's hard but stay positive !! Good Luck.x

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I keep reminding myself it's a high chance it's nothing. X


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