New treatment news - niraparib

Just read this, which sounds very encouraging, and thought the rest of you would be interested too!

It's about the results of a trial involving the PARP inhibitor niraparib, which appears to have had good results both in women with BRCA mutations and those without BRCA mutations.

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  • Thank you for that information!

    Heard this morning that cancer is back again. Now I need to find out more if this is available in Australia


  • Makes for interesting and uplifting reading :)

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Nicola

  • How I love waking up to positive news! Thanks for sharing.

  • thanks for posting this, extremely encouraging news! :)

  • Very interesting reading. Itr needs to be approved by Nic now for us to be able to benefit from it! Ann x

  • I read another article which says that Tesaro will be filing for approval before the end of the year, so looks like it isn't one of those unicorn treatments which will only be available in a decade... thankfully!

  • Thanks for that - sounds very encouraging!


  • Such positive news Barbara, wonder if there are any trials of this in the U.K.?

    Thanks for posting, Lisa x

  • Thank you Barbara, interesting read just started 4th round chemo. On Monday so will be asking onc. about Niraparib. Love Bridie xx

  • Thanks for sharing this Barbara. Looks interesting and here's hoping it is not the only new tool to help us fight OC.


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