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Help! Confusion over which surgery

morning and thanks in advance!

I has a borderline ovarian tumour(with no invasive malignancy) removed from right ovary in April this year and have surgery planned for next week.

A TAH is scheduled but now surgeon is saying to leave uterus and just take the remaining ovary.

Anyone had a similar experience?

is this enough?



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Hi there

Sorry you are faced with this dilemma.

I had a borderline tumor removed a few years ago...thankfully nothing has come back...but had all my female organs removed at the same time. Nobody expected it to be anything other than a very big cyst. I was very glad that I had opted for the full surgery as there were suspicious changes in the endometrium as well.

There are pros and cons of removing's a very big operation which takes a long time to get over. However the full surgery removes almost entirely your risk of getting a female cancer, no more smears and no more periods. What is a crucial factor is how old you are and if you want more or any children or whether or not you have any other health issues.

It seems to me that in the few years since I was operated on , more hospitals are offering less follow up for these gum ours , so perhaps they are now considered less dangerous than they were.

However it's your body and your future ....if you want a full Operation to be on the safe side then it's up to the doctors to convince you that it is safe. You can also have a second opinion , but this will probably delay things.

I hope this helps a bit .

Good luck xx



I had laporoscopic bilateral oopherectomy plus omentectomy and washings for borderline tumor in November last year. I did ask the surgeon about the uterus but he felt it wasn't nessasary but he would remove it if I wished, I went along with his recommendation and kept it. I have my six month check next week. I recovered well from lap, albeit recovery took a little longer than I anticipated .

Hope all goes well for you whatever you decide to choose




I had a TAH, tubes, ovaries, omentum and pelvic nodes removed and a diagnosis of a borderline tumor in May this year. The decision was made as the consultant said it was best to remove all if not needed with a single figure percentage of recurrence in the future. However it is also dependant on if you want children, a discussion will be had about leaving an ovary etc. also every case is different. A discussion with your consultant is essential. I took a friend to my appointment to help ask questions and make notes, that helped me. Good luck.


I had the TAH, plus the omentum and appendix removed. But I was already menopausal. Depends on your age and if fertility sparing surgery is what you want. I was stage 1A and so very glad everything was removed. I believe one has to be very aggressive in fighting this no matter what. I assume your surgeon is an onc/gyn? Hopefully not a general surgeon?


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