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CA125 test


I know this is very stressful for you but having the CA125 blood test may well be just precautionary.

I had a suspected ovarian cyst but I was told I should have a CA125 blood test. I was concerned by this but all turned out OK. The CA125 test is not a definitive test and can be raised due to any one of a number of causes not just for cancer. I believe the test is considered normal if the score is under 35. Mine was 19 and when my cyst was removed it proved to be just a normal cyst (fluid filled).

I hope this helps you to relax a bit :)


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Hi, how true your comment is. I am one of the unfortunate ones, whose ca125 is rarely elevated, but as it is done as part of routine blood test, my oncologist prefers to keep an eye on it. Both of us know that it is just one indicator and an elevated reading could be due to an infection.

In my case the return of my cancer is usually 'constipation' which is caused by spread of tumours or ascite fluid build-up....and unfortunately both happen quite quickly with me, good in one sense, that treatment begins very soon and I am vulgarly healthy otherwise.


On my first recurrence my 125 levels were deemed normal so gynae decided I didnt need ct scan. Unfortunately he was proved wrong because I did have pain, In fact I found it hard to sit down. So Rheumatologist sent me for mri which showed OC recurrence in at the backof my pelvis. So my 125s are best used when on treatment to monitor the success of treatment and so far so good. The ct scan is more detailed and will show new growths or otherwise. I now have scans regularly and my oncologist is the best. Daisies, constipation would also be an indication for me that something may be up. Hope your weekend was reasonably okay after the long day of cocktails. Well one down now.


Just to mention, if you have a granulosa cell tumour, then CA125 levels aren't applicable. Instead they test your inhibin A & B, When I presented with a large tumour the consultant tested my CA125 level and reassured me that it was normal. He called me with "good news". Not such good news as it turned out, as I had a malignant granulosa cell tumour.


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