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hi all

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just been to hospital for mr scan as large cyst on ovary, am 63, would be good to chat to others in similar situations.

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Hold tight till results are available , then you'll know what you are dealing with, try not to worry before it happens (not easy I know) but it really does wreck your head. Best of luck, hopefully results will be good for you

Good luck. I hope it’s not OC. If it is you will be swept up in a series of tests and appointments and well taken care of. Don’t look at prognoses online because they are out of date. There are very promising new treatments now.

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hi and thank you. i wondered if some of the stuff online was out of date after reading some stuff that I knew was regarding other health things! in the past I would research and research for hours every day when ill to get a handle on it, but lifes too short and i find this subject too complicated. how are you?

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I am doing well right now on a PARP inhibitor for maintenance. Long may it continue!

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that is great news.

Hi, I know a few people who had tests for cyst in the ovary and that’s exactly what they turned out to be. Don’t jump hurdles before you need to wait for the results , and as already been said the treatment has come on in leaps and bounds, I’m taking a parp inhibitor for the past two years after having a few recurrences . Best of luck and I hope your results are good.

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thank you. this subject is all new to me. because i am 63 and have not had periods for ages i do understand there is a higher chance of it being bad news, but trying not to worry about it. hope you are doing well.

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I agree, I had a large ovarian cyst removed many years ago along with the ovary and Fallopian tube as they were damaged , but no signs of cancer so don’t worry


Definitely wait for results hopefully it will just be a normal cyst.

As delia below says don’t google as hard as is it not to

Being diagnosed with OC is also not a death sentence there’s many of us here who live with it for years

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