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I found this site purely by accident when I asked if there was any link between Avastin and arthritis or rheumatism.

I have been treated for ovarian cancer since October 2017, and follow up treatment of Avastin since June 2018.

I was delighted and relieved to read that many women had suffered a range of aches and pains, but that these had faded after this treatment stopped.

I would be very interested in sharing these side effects of Avastin, as I had almost come to the conclusion that I was imagining them, and they would never stop.

Are there any other members of this group in France? I am being treated in Rennes.

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Hi Montelbano

I am not living in France but I am on Avastin since August 2018. I too have had a lot of joint pain and stiffness so it is a side effect though my oncologist told me it is not a side effect.

How many treatments are you having?Hope your feeling well otherwise. I am due a scan in a few weeks so hopefully it will have worked.


Thank you for your response. I've been on Avastin since June 2018, and haven't had the side effects they told me about, raised blood pressure, nose bleeds etc, but have had pains in my lower back, shoulders,and left arm.

Have been sent for X-rays, scans and all sorts. Been told I have arthritis, osteopoosis, and a spontaneous broken rib.

Also severe constipation.

Having read many of the remarks on this site, I have been reassured that many of these things are a result of the Avastin treatment, and will fade away when it ends.

I think I finish with Avastin in August.

I must say it has been very effective.

My markers have fallen to 11, or 12. (Good if less than 35)

I find prunes, or prune juice are good when pain killers make you constipated, but sometimes need to take laxatives as well.

All these things are a nuisance but, twenty years ago, we may not have survived.

Before Avastin, I had about 7 months on taxol, and something beginning with'c', then a 'radical hysterectomy.

Keep going!

Best wishes, Ann


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