Olaparib or other new drugs in trial

I have read where some ladies have gotten a drug that is in trial even when they can't qualify for a trial. A friend wants to try a Parp drug like Olaparib but can't get in a trial. Is there a way to get this drug? How do you contact the drug company directly and what do you say. She has tried several chemos and not having much success. Thank you

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  • Hi there not sure what the criteria is in the US but I suggest you contact the American Cancer Society who may be able to help you

  • Can't you speak to your ong team and say you would pay you could do a go find me page if they would let you have it good luck xxx

  • I think I have probably worded my post wrong. Over the past few months, I have read where a few women had posted that they couldn't get in a trial but went to the drug company and were able to get the drug. I thought I had saved their post but can't find it. I am already on Olaparib, was just trying to find out for a friend.

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