Ovarian cyst, Heavy bleeding, Got my period AGAIN...help

I know this is very personal but I left grasping for answers after very vague conversation with the nurse today. I will start out by saying I had a tubal ligation in November. In April I went to ER with severe pain in my right side and the CT showed an ovarian cyst. My dr said it was small and nothing to worry about. I just had my period not even 2 weeks ago and now it is back again and heavier than before. It started 2 days ago with sharp pains in my right side again. the next morning I woke up and was spotting. Today its like a full fledged period. Anyone else gone through this? I am bloated and cramping as well. The nurse just advised me to take a pregnancy test and if it gets unbearable to go to ER. What do you think this is?

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  • Hi there. I'm sorry but I can't tell you what it is and I don't think anyone on here will be able to do so. What I can tell you is that if you are unhappy with what you are being told then get a second opinion. Also I would advise you to return to your GP and explain that you are not happy and ask for some more tests to be conducted to ensure you have all the answers you need. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best. x Trish

  • I think you should also go back to your gp and look for a gynae consultation just to be on the safe side, there could be a simple explanation but its wiser to get it sorted if you are not happy

  • Thanks ladies. I just got an appointment for today. Hoping for some answers

  • Hello. Only reading your posting today.... so glad you have your appointment and hope all goes well. Please keep us all posted and that your concerns are answered fully. Best wishes. Daisies

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