All is well with me

Just wanted to say that I've had an ultrasound (pelvic & internal) and was given the all clear, just got back from the breast clinic after a mammogram and breast ultrasound and have the all clear there too; very relieved & happy. So I want to say thank you lovely ladies for your words of comfort and support when I needed them, they were very much appreciated and I wish you all the very best as you go through your own journeys. You really sum up what 'brave' really means..take care of you and thank you xxxx

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  • Great news! Keeping fingers crossed for your daughter too. xxxx

  • Delighted for you. Stay well. X

  • That is great news congrats such a relief for you

  • Great news all is well you must be so relieved. Go and give yourself a treat. Hope all goes well with your daughter too,

  • Fantastic news. X

  • Hi. Delighted to read that you got the all clear and that your daughter will be fine and get good news also. This website is great as it raises the awareness of OC - and I know that more research is being done on OC and the best treatments. Stay healthy.

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