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Free fun for kids!


I always took my children on long ‘interesting’ walks to entertain them. We have a 61mile public path/walkway running through our town which can be accessed in several areas where we live, offering walks through fields, through wooded areas, or just offering scenic walks of varying distances.

I always made walks into games to make it fun. For the younger ones there are always bugs & insects to hunt for along the way, or different trees to find, & the older children love to search for signs of larger animals, ie: foxes, or show the others how far & fast they can run, where safe, etc.

Wooded areas presented the most opportunities for fun, with dens to build, trees to climb, & hilly areas to ‘race’ up & down. These are my free tips for using up loads of energy & having lots of fun while doing so, but the trick is to get the kids to do all the running & hunting, lol!