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Hi all - hope this finds you all as well as is possible. It looks as if another little gremlin may have got in on things here. After fifteen pretty awful months Nielsen has at last turned a pretty big corner and is going back to work on Monday which he is so delighted to be doing. We saw our GP yesterday to get back to work note and almost as an afterthought mentioned the mouth ulcer he has had for about three weeks now. We had put this down to the acid caused by the vomiting he still experiences on a very regular basis but GP has set all sorts of alarm bells ringing and will want it biopsies if it hasn't gone within four weeks. I don't know whether to laugh or cry ?! Anyone else had problems with mouth ulcers - once off chemo ?

Lyn x

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  • I had a mouth ulcer recently for 5 weeks and it dissapeared on its own!! Hope that helps.Phew just lately we have some things going on eh?? best wishes as per usual

    Griff x (I had bad attacks of acid reflux)

  • Bless you Griff - yes it does help - some people seem to get more than their fair share of the stuff to worry about don't you think ? ! Everything will be crossed for you on Monday.

    Lyn xx

  • Some people do get dental and mouth problems after chemo etc. The strong chemicals do not help, and neither does the reflux. Oral hygiene, and a dental check up is worth thinking about, not least because sometimes the enamel gets taken off the teeth. You might also think about a check for levels of vitamins and minerals?

    There are lots of fairly ordinary things that happen - and these usually have fairly ordinary outcomes. Having had a major health scare does not mean that we are excluded from ordinary stuff happening.

    Going back to work is a milestone worth celebrating. Do give Nielsen our very best wishes.

    There is a Note for Employers that might also be useful at the bottom of this page:

  • Thank you Alan - I too wondered whether a vitamin deficiency may have any part to play. We have actually seen our dentist recently who whilst not noting any ulcers did comment on the fact that the enamel was being eroded - if it can do that to teeth its no surprise that he's got an ulcer really! The thing is with cancer is that every little thing has the potential to be a big thing and you have to go through that whole waiting and worrying process before you are able to normalise it - we have oncology appt tomorrow so will see what she thinks about it. Thank you for responding - it all helps.

    Lyn x

  • hi Lyn

    I have had problems with mouth ulcers since my operation 6 years ago.They come and go but I find taking a 1000g dose of vitamin C for a few days clears it up. I buy the Boots effervescent tablets they are worth a try.


  • thank you Phil - really appreciate that and it has helped ease Nielsens' worries.

    Lyn x

  • Hi - I didn't have that problem while on chemo but a friend did and was advised by the nurse to eat pineapple and it worked a treat - better than the medication they give you - might be worth a try


  • I had an ulcer on the roof of my mouth that lasted more than three weeks, I made a GP appointment but It cleared up before I got to see her. I think it's because my mouth is very dry. Oral hygiene is a problem for me, Cleaning my teeth makes me gag since I was on a ventilator, but I need to do it three or four times a day. Sometimes I cheat and just use mouthwash. But I do understand your worry, I felt the same. I take multivitamins and B complex now, it seems to help.

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