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OPA Annual general meeting May 2012

I would like to thank the committee for an enjoyable and interesting meeting. Being 3 months post op I attended the meeting with a little intrepidation, not knowing what to expect. Within minutes of arriving and having a cup of tea (yes got back part of my taste for tea), I was chatting to others who had, had similar surgery. The AGM was kept to a minimum followed by a presentation on Endoscopic Ultasound, and many general questions put to the Mr Wilson the Gastroenterologist.

The meeting ended with others chatting to each other about their own experiences, chatting to others made me realise even more how we all seem to experience similar problems, so it was nice to know I wasn`t on my own.

Before leaving the meeting I spoke to Mrs Seston and her husband, who made me feel really welcome and both of them made me feel at home.

Finally I would like to say if you havent been to a meeting `go` you will be made welcome, as I was. So once again thank you, hopefully I will see you for the next meeting.

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glad you found the meeting helpful, and also its great that the taste for tea is coming back, that first cup of the day is the best for me, and then maybe I have a couple more spaced throughout the day, although not like before as the milk upsets me, and I cannot drink it black.


Tea still doesnt have the same taste as it did before the op but at least I find it drinkable, as for milk, since coming out of hospital have about a pint of full fat milk a day on cornfakes, in tea and on its own, with no problems. Couldnt get on with the milky drinks in hospital but find full milk enjoyable.


Hi Mick, where abouts was your meeting held?? Tina Romford Essex.


Hi Tina,

the meeting was held at Edgebaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham. Being 3 months post op, I drove there and enjoyed meeting others in the same situation as us. It was great to see others who are doing so well and into double figures, post op.


Hi Mick thanks for getting back to me, I so love it as it make me see we are all so worried about all that we do in life, I live in romford Essex so I was not too sure where all these meetings took place as we have one at our local hospital(queens) in romford and I also know that there is a london one coming up very soon.

Tina x


can you remind me Tina what date the London one is please..I think its held at 'guy's'


Hi Mick

I went off tea with milk after the op. These days I drink green tea (Twinings orange and lotus flower is nicest I think) you don't put milk in. I find it very refreshing and comforting. I can drink normal tea but prefer the green! It is now 10 years since my op and I am enjoying a mostly normal life, a few problems sometimes but on the whole am doing really well.


Everybody keeps telling me to try these type of teas, will stick to the good old fashioned type never could get on with the smell..

Great to hear you are doing so well after 10 years, gives my confidence a boost to hear these comments, knowing how successful the operation is with others.


There is a meeting in London on Saturday 26 May 10am in the Robens Suite, 29th floor Guy's Tower, Guy's hospital near London Bridge station, SE1 9RT which is run on similar lines. Professor Bob Mason is a very experienced surgeon and will be there to answer your questions, plus it is a chance to have a chin wag with others who have been through a similar experience to yourselves. All of you are most welcome to come.


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